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RACHEL is an independent sales consultant for a luxurious Home Builder. Social media is used in everyones job today to build a personal connection to potential clients. Branding is important as you want to give a constant trustworthy image about yourself. Especially if you are giving away some of your personal lifestyle, you want to look flawless in those pictures.

If you own a portfolio of beautifully branded images, social marketing will be one of your favorite tasks. 



There are three important elements in branding. Your story, your colours and style and your photos. Your photos have to capture all those elements and if you have a look through these pictures, you will see that there is a consistency of colours and style. The result of a personal branding photoshoot is, that you can mix and match all these pictures with ease as they will always fit together. Just imagine how they would look in a Instagram Grid?

"Sandra is an amazing photographer!!!She takes her time with her clients to make sure to capture each moment. I didn’t feel rushed and if anything felt like she went above and beyond throughout our session. I have recommended her to others because I love her work and love her ❤️ I’m printing every photo because I can’t just pick one that I like the most. Book an appointment with Sandra and you won’t regret it."


Rachel Boren Blake 

Ready to own your Branding Photos?

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