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Love is hope, and hope is what we need during the Corona Pandemic

Hillary's & Nathan's Wedding - April 3rd 2020

I didn't think that I would be writing this blog. But in the midst of a pandemic two people chose love no matter what. Hillary & Nathan planned their wedding not too long ago, but still way before anyone new Corona could be something else than a Mexican Beer.

The #Beckendorffarms is the prettiest wedding location I have seen here in Houston and when I met them there for a pre-wedding location scouting, I could just imagine everything fall into place on the big day. They had planned it all so beautiful, but you know what they say: plans are there to be ignored. Of anything that could possibly go wrong for a wedding, I am sure nobody would have thought of a #coronapandemic. Hillary's family and friends weren't able to travel from Iowa to Houston. No gatherings of more than 10 people were allowed. Social distancing was recommended.

Hillary & Nathan cancelled their wedding ceremony with a heavy heart. As much as they would have loved to celebrate with all their family and friends, they knew that they are meant for each other and neither #corona nor #rain during the ceremony could change their love and their plan to get married. Because who knows, how long this pandemic will last and when it will be safe again to travel?

Houston wedding photography

I thought it was a bold but beautiful idea to get married anyways. Beckendorff Farms welcomed them to use the venue, the officiant was willing to work in the name of love and as for me? I have a very long lens, plus a mask and some gloves that made sure I could keep more than the 6 feet of the recommended distance apart.

It really moved me when they said they'd get married alone just with the officiant and Nathan's mom and dad. I thought of my own marriage and remembered that we were just the same. We didn't care about a big wedding, we just wanted to be husband and wife... and still do.

That morning when I checked the weather forecast, I really wondered how many more obstacles could come up. The ceremony was planned outside in front of a beautiful pond amidst lush greenery. But the forecast said that it would be pouring down at 5 pm when my bride is walking out to meet the groom. I remember the last wedding I shot and it was the same scenario. You know, in Texas, the weather can change every 5 minutes. So this time I stayed calm. The pictures here proof the weather was almost perfect... until it was time to say "I do", oups, it drizzled lightly on the bride and groom as if god and the heavens were giving them their blessing too.

I am sure, despite not having all the family and friends around, this will be a day that they, as well as I, will never forget. And who says you can't do it again when all is well again?

Congratulations Hillary & Nathan.

Here are my favorite photos of the day:

Hillary wasn't able to have her dad give her away, but her future father in law was very much honoured to accompany his soon to be new daughter to meet the waiting groom.

The corona pandemic didn't stop Hillary and Nathan form saying "I do" and the rain wouldn't stop them either.

Bridal portrait. Hillary, beautiful, romantic, feminine... I love these pictures of you.

Cypress TX, wedding Houston Wedding

It's still drizzling, but who cares if you can kiss the bride?

Wedding Party, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, Houston, Cypress

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