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Oh Boy

Talking about going out of your comfort zone. I am an adventurer, an explorer but I also like to stay comfortable while I do the adventure and the exploring. Sort of the glamping kind of person. Okay, I wasn't always like that, I think it has something to do with age. You don't believe me? When I first met my husband, then boyfriend, we went backpacking for over a year all over the world. Yes, backpacking! Hostels, shared bathrooms, shared rides with chickens and other life-food stock, and just 2 pair of shoes, one of them hiking boots.

I got carried away, I didn't want to elaborate the comfort zone that much. My comfort zone in photography definitely ends when my subject is moving but doesn't understand my instructions. Newborn photography in other words. But I couldn't say no when I received a request from a friend of a friend, right? What I want to say is, that my kids are so old now, that I really craved that newborn in my hands. That smell, the soft skin, the cute little noises.... hmmm!

I admire all my fellow photographers that specialise in newborn and baby photography. It is so much harder than it looks. I love the photos where the babies are all wrapped up very neatly, the little face looks angel like with the perfect skin and the whole image tells us a story of a little fairy daughter or son. The picture doesn't tell the hours of wait until the baby finally fell asleep and you cannot see the four people holding babies head, pushing the pillow, pulling the blanket, holding the camera...

If you had babies yourself, you probably took millions of photos but you also realise that very rarely the photo actually gives back the "real" cuteness of the baby. Often it is the position that looks odd. The head looks too big, or you cannot see half of the face because the head keeps rolling to the side, the baby looks too big or too small, the skin looks wrinkly and your baby boy looks a bit like grandpa? I can go on forever.

I love to see the beautiful faces from the front, not taken from the top (standing over the baby), because it really gives you a little inside of the character (well... this is my interpretation, okay?). Unfortunately a

A newborns head is as floppy as.... hmmm cannot find the right word, but anyways.... trying to balance the head over the babies hands is like balancing two eggs on top of each other. And... I am sooo proud that I got a couple of these images. Oh baby boy, thank you for playing along.

Baby Ilias was a dream baby to take pictures. He never cried, never. He gave us a lot of cute smiles. He could have a baby modelling career, but he might have to find a better photographer that know's how to balance the eggs on top of each other :-) Thank you to Ilias and his parents for letting me take this beautiful images.

Here we are in the making. Mum, Dad, Assistant and Photographer all busy and we could've used another few hands. Some seasoned newborn photographers are probably laughing their heads off. Share your tricks with me if you have any, please with a cherry on top.

This was exciting, really. But especially holding baby Ilias in my hands was very special. Thank you.

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