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Dutch Fika is an Artisan Bakery in the heart of the Houston, TX Heights. The owner, Marguerite, is passionate about her heritage and bakes Swedish, Dutch and German breads and sweets. She uses ONLY heritage grains, that are organically and locally sourced, and are gut-friendly.

Marguerite and I have worked over the course of 2 years to create her brand. We have had 3 photoshoots. 1 where I captured her work during her baking sessions, 1 product photoshoot for the online store and website and 1 in and around her store.

There are three important elements in branding. Your story, your colours and style and your photos. Your photos have to capture all those elements and if you have a look through these pictures, you will see that there is a consistency of colours and style. Dutch-Fika's branding includes shades of blue and a fresh white contrast. The result is, that you can mix and match all these pictures with ease as they will always fit together. Just imagine how they would look in a Instagram Grid?

"Branding made me feel exclusive. Being able to differentiate myself from the crowd of bakers out there makes it so much easier to convince first time clients that they are buying great bread that is worth it's money."


Marguerite Mensonides, owner of Dutch Fika.

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